Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Drowsy Fisherman

Paverpol is a textile hardener that is used in the creation of sculptures for the purpose of displaying them indoors or outdoors.  Fabric is dipped in Paverpol and wrapped around a frame, sculpted into a creative shape, dried and painted, if desired.


I am offering workshops in basic Paverpol techniques.  During these workshops, participants will learn how to create and wrap a frame and drape or dress the figure.  All work associated with these steps will be completed in one day


To schedule or participate in a workshop, please contact Mary Lou Devine at maryloudevine@gmail.com.


 Create a sitting or standing figure in a one day workshop.  Participants will need to bring two clean (do not use fabric softener in washing or drying fabric), 100% cotton white or light coloured t-shirts, and should bring an apron or wear old clothes.  Sculptures will be crafted using either black or bronze Paverpol.  Partcipants may also bring other textiles such as laces or trim and jewellery, beads, silk or dried flowers with which to embellish their creations.   All other materials and a light lunch will be provided.
Bird Boy

Workshops will run from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and will normally be held in my home, with a maximum of six participants.  Further details will be provided upon subscription to the workshop.  Cost of the workshop is $100 per person.

Work can also be done on a commission basis.  Give me your idea and I can translate it into a sculpture.

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